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A common technique is to do this with a logon script - the printer is
specific to the user so adding it as admin won't put it there for the
next user.


Assuming you have a vbscript logon script then adding something like:


Set oNetwork=createobject("wscript.network")

oNetwork.addwindowsprinterconnection "\\server\printershare
<file:///\\server\printershare> "

oNetwork.setdefaultprinter "\\server\printershare
<file:///\\server\printershare> "


will do the job - obviously, you need to add the proper server and share
name and you'll need logic to determine those (could be based on user or
computer or both)


There's loads of examples in the MS script centre


If you're running 2003 R2 then you can do it with group policies -
-a344-90d7799927231033.mspx?mfr=true has some details. Although it's in
the Vista library it's nothing to do with Vista at all!




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Hi all


I have a GP that prevent users to add a printer so obviously if i want
to install a printer i need to log off and on as the admin. When i do
that i can install the printer successfully but when i log back on as
the user i cannot see the printer. How do i overcome this


BTW , what i then did was to make the user a domain admin and i could
install the printer but obviously that is the wrong way. I also do not
want to disable the GPO as they delete and change settings in their
printer setup.


Win xp pro and Win 2003 Server


Craig Meyer 

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