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Funny, that would seem to be the exact opposite solution I would expect to
work-that is, running in user context vs. running in system context.




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We had similar problems in our company, and I found the problem is that the
printer driver installation failing during logon. I tried to set the
following GP option and checked the "run in user context" option:




Working fine, now. :)


Otto Horvath
[MS MVP - Group Policy]


On Sat, Sep 6, 2008 at 1:03 AM, Darren Mar-Elia <darren@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Here is the response on this from the product team;


Apparently this is a known issue with a bug associated with it. It is due to
a change that was made in Vista by the printer team. 


Not much help in the short term but at least you know why.




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If UAC is not enabled, I'm not clear why you believe the GPP printer install
is hanging because of the UAC prompt? But, a couple of questions-do these
preferences have the option checked to run in the user's context? 


Have you tried enabled verbose GPP Printer logging? This might help narrow
the problem.



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Hi All,


For our Vista clients, we have UAC turned off, and users have all necessary
rights to install printer drivers from our print server. Users can add
printers without any problems either via directly accessing the UNC share,
browsing the server, or using the windows printer management web page. Login
scripts (vbscript) also will install the printer without any trouble.


However, if we use GP Preferences to install certain printers at login, the
machine will hang up (seemingly indefinitely) while "applying group policy
printer settings." I'm guessing UAC is looking for the OK to install the
driver and obviously can't get a response from the user. If the driver is
already on the machine, the printer connection will get created as it
should, without any delay. 


If the printer driver were not Vista compatible, users should not be able to
install it under any circumstances. Likewise, if UAC settings are wrong, it
should balk when attempting to install the driver regardless of the method.
Not sure why this would happen.


Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.




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