[gptalk] Re: Folder redirection UNC path issue

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Hi Shane,


Isn't this default behaviour for the setting? I think it says so in
details of the setting.


If you just put \\servername\users <file:///\\servername\users>  then
all of the users documents would all end up in the same folder.


I assume MS adds the username\my docs for a bit of organisation, so that
all that users files are in a folder under their name, and if you want
to redirect docs, desktop, start menu, it can again segment the files
into Username\MyDocs, Username\Desktop, etc?





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Subject: [gptalk] Folder redirection UNC path issue



When modifying my GPO for My Doc folder redirection, I type in the path 
\\servername\users <file:///\\servername\users> , but the UNC that is
displayed in the setting dialog box and in the policy is 
\\servername\users\%username%\My Documents
<file:///\\servername\users\%25username%25\My%20Documents> . Why is
that? How do I change it? (see pic below)



\\servername\users\Clair\My Documents





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