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I am a bit confused:
If you are using roaming profiles that each time the user logs on the
profile is copied from the server profile location to the local hard drive
c:\documents and settings\%username% or something like that. The main issue
with a roaming profile is that if the profile grows large- the log in and
log out time increases- this also becomes an issue with laptop users who
take their machine home- on standby while logged in- Their profile changes
are not saved to the server and unless you are also- configuring an offline
file sync to the my docs- they will have some issues. So I would recommend
roaming profiles for desktop workstations only- or not at all and redirect
the my docs and desktop folders using a GPO.
Within a GPO you can configure both the redirection of the desktop and the
My documents folder- which I have done many times- There are a few more
folders that can be redirected I think.
When dealing with Roaming profiles and the size issues there are a few
things I would recommend:
1. Redirect the desktop as you are asking to do (many users store data on
the desktop and that causes a roaming profile to grow quick)
2. Redirect the My Documents folder (as this is the default folder for
storing data)
3. Configure your IE settings through the GPO to dump/empty the temporary
internet files upon exiting the browser.
4. If you are utilizing Outlook for the e-mail client- I would also
recommend using a custom installation or custom maintenance wizard to
pre-configure the default location of any PST files to a server share (but
this may get hairy if you are using E2k/e2k3 and O2k3 with cached mode
let me know if you have any questions or cannot figure out the desktop


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Our users' Docs and Settings is currently being directed to the Home drive
on a server using folder redirection.  However, we want the Desktop to be
removed from under that folder.  Does anyone know if there is a way to
redirect the users' Desktop to another area of the Home directory? I have
been trying to write an ADM template using the following key structure.

Picture (Metafile) 

We have roaming profiles in place and need to make the size of some profiles
more manageable.  Training users to use short cuts seems to be futile...

Thanks for your help. 

Mary Collingwood 

Windows bitmap

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