[gptalk] Re: Folder Redirection quandary

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  • Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 15:58:32 -0800

I think all of what you're seeing is expected behavior (at least I've seen
it before). Offline Files prevents you from doing certain reorganizations
(i.e. moving or deleting files/folders) when you're offline. As for the
difference between always available offline vs. always available offline,
the only thing I can think of is that since the folder was created while
offline--its cached state was not pushed down by the server folder (i.e. it
was not adminstratively "pinned" as offline). What happens is that folder is
created when the user is online? Is there any difference?


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I have a situation where a user was offline, he created a new folder, but
the offline symbol never showed on the folder.  When he reconnected and
clicked on the icon to reconnect now that the network resource was available
and looked in the properties for the offline files,  it showed the status of
the files in that particular folder as temporarily available offline.  Other
files in the offline folder had the Always available offline.

After disconnecting again, when he tried to move that folder inside of
another folder, he got an error saying that he needed to be connected to the
server to move the folder.

When he clicked on the reconnection icon to reconnect, the folder still did
not show the offline cache symbol.  However, if he went to the
Synchronization manager and performed a sync, then the folder got the
offline cache symbol and the files now say Always available offline


Another weird thing is that when he saves a file offline to the desktop, it
automatically gets the cache symbol, but creating new folders does not.. Why
is that


So after all of that, my two main questions are:


1.         Why would those files get the temporarily available offline
status in the offline files folder when the window also says the file(s)
have been synchronized?




2.                  Why is he not allowed to move a folder that he created
offline to another folder(He has admin rights on the box)


The network folder is set to automatically cache files.





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