[gptalk] Re: Firewall Settings Not Available

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  • Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 21:29:28 -0700

Unless you are filtering in GP editor to hide unconfigured policies, then
the only thing it could be is the system.adm file on that GPO not being at
XP, SP2 level. I would double-check the size and date of that file in SYSVOL
for that GPO vs. what you find on your XP, SP2 systems in c:\windows\inf.




Darren Mar-Elia

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Hi -


I have a Windows 2000 DC (SBS) with all XP Pro Sp2 workstations. When I open
the gpmc from one of the workstations, it shows the firewall rules that I
had previously defined. However, when I go to edit the rules (under Computer
configuration\Administrative Templates\Network\) there is no setting for
Network Connections. When I check using the old-school tool directly on the
DC, I get the same thing.


I think my ADM files areup-to-date. What else could I be missing?




-- nme



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