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  • Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 06:49:40 -0800


I wanted to pass this along to the list as I know that GP Preferences is of
interest to many. This is an online class being given by fellow GP MVP Derek






From: Derek Melber [mailto:derekm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Monday, December 01, 2008 5:29 AM
To: 'Derek Melber'
Subject: Group Policy Preferences Workshop


I wanted to be the first to let my closest friends and colleagues know about
my new workshop that I am delivering! Group Policy Preferences are extremely
powerful, efficient, and can save customers a ton of money. I am sure that
many of you are already using them and are telling your customers and
clients to use them too. The problem is that Group Policy Preferences can be
a bit overwhelming and confusing to those that don't use Group Policy that
often. Therefore, I am giving them, and you, a solution!


The reason I am sending you this information is so you can inform your
customers, clients, and co-workers about my in-depth and comprehensive Group
Policy Preferences Workshop that I am giving coming up in mid-December
(December 11!). The class will be small (only first 100 get in) and the cost
is very inexpensive ($299 for a full three hours). 


If you could just forward the following information to everyone that you
feel could benefit from an in-depth knowledge of Group Policy Preferences
(or other colleagues that know of customers), it would promote this new
technology and give your customers and clients more arsenal to control their
Windows computers.



Group Policy Preferences Workshop with Derek Melber, MVP


Group Policy Preferences (GPP) are FREE, work for Windows XP SP2, and
available NOW! Let Derek Melber (Group Policy MVP) and MSPress Group Policy
Resource Kit author, help you install, manage, and configure GPP. Take
ultimate control over every desktop and server with Derek's in-depth GPP
experience in just 3 hours, at your desk, for just $299.  


Register <http://www.braincore.net/gpptraining.htm> 



Again, the workshop is December 11 at 8am (PST) and will last for a full 3
hours. If you want to see where I am sending them, you can go yourself to
http://www.braincore.net/gpptraining.htm . 


I appreciate all of your referrals and most of am thankful to have such a
great community of people to work with. 


Thanks and best regards,


Derek Melber



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