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The FHSAA is currently out of the office for the weekend. To officials
experiencing any issues with online testing, please read the below email
in full.


Thank you,


Michael Herchel 

Network Administrator 

Florida High School Athletic Association 

(352) 372-9551 x120  |  mherchel@xxxxxxxxx 







The closed book exams for the sports of Baseball, Flag Football,
Softball, Track, and Water Polo expire on Sunday, February 24th, 2008. 

Please DO NOT wait until the last night to take the exam! Although we
have planned for it, the testing servers may experience a slow-down
under heavy load. 


Here's what you need to know. Please read this entire section.


Q. What happens if I forget my password?

A. You can use the "Lost Password" link on the front page of the testing
site to retrieve your password.


Q. Where do I go for FHSAA Online Testing? 

A. The website address is http://testing.fhsaa.org 


Q. Do I need to register for Online Testing?

A. If you have never taken an online test with the FHSAA before, you
will need to register by hitting the "Click Here to Register" button on
the left.


Q. The system is asking for a "Security Question", and a "Security
Answer". What are these?

A.  These are used in the event that you lose your password, and need to
have it reset. An example of a "Security Question" is "What is your
Mother's Maiden Name?"


Q. When attempting to register, the system will not accept my social
security number or FHSAA ID.

A. Be sure the number has no dashes or spaces. For example 204598566
would be a valid entry.


Q. Can I change the answer to a question that I already submitted? 

A. No. Our system does not allow this 


Q. Where can I check the schedule for the online testing?

A. The Closed Book Exams for the Spring start The schedule is located at


Q. What if I have signed up to take the paper exam at a location?

A. You can still register and take the exam online. However, if you are
registered for an online exam, and want to take  the paper exam at a
location, you need to let us know, so we can make sure we have enough
material at each exam site.


Q. What happens if I miss this exam?

A. You can take the make-up exam between the dates of 3/14 and 3/16.
This exam also has a 50 minute time limit.


Q. When is the Open Book Exam?

A. The open book exam runes 2/26 through 3/2. This exam is untimed.


Q. How many questions are in the tests?

A. There are 50 questions all exams


Q. How long is the timed test?

A. The timed tests are 50 minutes long. 


Q. What happens when I skip a question.

A. The system will prompt you to answer the skipped questions before you
finish the test.


Q. Will we receive the questions and answers to the tests that we take?

A. No. Our system will not send you the answers. It will email you a
list of categories from which you have submitted a 70% or lower. We
encourage you to study within these areas. 


Q. What will happen if my computer crashes mid-way through the test?

A. When it reboots, you can re-login to complete your test assuming
there is time left.


Q. What happens if I run out of time?

A. The system will submit all questions at the end of the time-period
(usually 50 minutes). Any unanswered questions will be counted as wrong.


Q. Does the timer stop when I log out? 

A. Nope! It keeps on running. You only get 50 minutes. 


Q. Can I use any type of Screen Capture Software or Devices for saving
the questions?

A. No, the use of any type of screen capture software or device is
strictly prohibited by the FHSAA (unless expressly authorized in writing
to do so by the FHSAA). Official's Guidebook 103.02 (5) shall apply to
any official using said software or devices, without the expressed
written permission of the FHSAA.


Q. Anything else I need to know?

A. Yes, if you are taking the softball exams, please be aware that the
softball questions now come directly from the NFHS Softball Rulebook and
the NFHS Casebook. Please pay very close attention to every question
being asked.


Q. I have a question that hasn't been answered here.

A. Contact online_testing@xxxxxxxxx, and we'll be able to answer your
question. Thanks and Good Luck!

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