[gptalk] Re: Exporting the local gpo settings

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Alan is correct although security policy cannot be copied because it is not
held in the file system, but rather made directly against the machine's
local SAM. However, you can always create a security template to capture
that and apply it to subsequent machines.


Also, if you simply copy all of the contents of that folder from one machine
to another, you have to keep in mind the version number held in the gpt.ini
file. If the version number is, for example, the same on the source as on
the target, then the target will not notice the new settings until something
has changed. 


Also, I'll just mention it as a plug here-as some of you know-I've built SDM
Software <http://www.sdmsoftware.com/>  as a company to build and sell Group
Policy products, and one of the tools that will be out shortly is the
GPExpert Scripting Toolkit. The Scripting Toolkit is essentially a
Powershell scripting interface into Group Policy settings so that you can
essentially script changes to GPOs. The toolkit will support local GPOs and
using it, you will be able to create a script that essentially allows you to
"copy" GPO settings to multiple machines local GPOs.




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Hi Piet,


There is a directory called C:\WINDOWS\system32\GroupPolicy which should
contain all of the info. I have never tried it, but I assume that copying
that directory to the target machine would have the desired effect


Alan Cuthbertson



 Policy Management Software:-



ADM Template Editor:-



Policy Log Reporter(Free)






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Hello everyone,  


I have a computer on a samba domain.  I want to export the local gpo

settings so I can import them to another computer.

How can I do this? 





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