[gptalk] Re: Event ID 1047 Windows cannot read GPO history

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I've not seen this error before but one thing to keep in mind is that
history is held both per-computer and per-user, so in both HKLM and HKCU in
the registry. The latter is going to be tough to deal with for 5,000 users
because they have to be logged on in order to delete those history subkeys,
but by default, normal non-administrative users don't have access to those
keys. I really wonder if this is the true problem and if so, why its
happening on such a large scale. Have you been able to fix the problem by
deleting history on a single computer and user yet?





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I am having a problem with Windows not reading the GPO history from the
registry on many computers. Event ID 1047 from Userenv is logged in the 

event logs.  I have followed instructions according to Microsoft Article
319006 and deleted the History sub keys from the registry as well as
deleting any existing profiles from the desktop.

The error continues to appear.  Does anyone know how to detect and repair
this problem on a large scale?  I have about 5,000 computers to work with.


Thank you,




Cynthia Berridge




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