[gptalk] Re: Disadvantages of Tattooing.

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Couldn't have said it better. You can take at look at this page on my site
that I wrote a while ago, which explains the mechanics of it, if you're
interested: http://www.gpoguy.com/faqs/tattoo.htm.


BTW, as a humorous aside, when us GP MVPs were last up in Redmond the GP
team asked us about the word "Preferences" and what they meant to us. Most
of us, of course, responded that they were tattooing policy values because
that's what they've been called forever. But enough folks didn't say that
they decided to give the "Group Policy Preferences" name to the upcoming
DesktopStandard PolicyMaker product. I thought (and still think) its
confusing because Preferences == Tattooing but I guess I'm not in marketing.




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Well, when a preference is tattooed in the registry you can't undo it by
simply unlinking the policy. You would have to enforce that setting's
opposite value via another GPO.


It can be quite a pain in larger, more complex environments. However, when a
policy based setting does not exist, it may often times be your only option.



Jamie Nelson


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Wanted to know about disadvantages of Tattooing of registry based group

How can it affect the policy affect ?





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