[gptalk] Re: Determining Who Has Run a Login Script

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This is what I was thinking. However, I believe NETLOGON is write protected,
no? If it runs as a Startup (rather than a login) script, it runs under the
System account, right? That should be able to write to netlogon.




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oops...forgot a space...that should be:

echo %username% >> \\YourDC\NETLOGON\ScriptLogs\WhoHasRunTheScript.log

On 10/22/07, Gray Troutman <jgraytroutman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Just curious, but wouldn't it be easiest to add this line to the start of
the login script:

echo%username% >> \\YourDC\NETLOGON\ScriptLogs\WhoHasRunTheScript.log

(it doesn't have to be a subfolder of netlogon, just a folder which you give
everyone write capabilities to) 

On 10/22/07, Martin Hugo < <mailto:Martin_Hugo@xxxxxxxx>
Martin_Hugo@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

You could fire the script with a simple batchfile.  The first line of the
batchfile could check for the existence of a text file on the client, if the
file is present, just exit the batchfile doing nothing, if not, run the
script and create the textfile that the first line checks for.  You could
further have it append the <computername> to another text file on a server
somewhere which would then list all the machines that it fires the script

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gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Hi -


We want to run a little logon script (or maybe startup script) to install
fonts and make a reg change. Is there an easy way to "log" who has run this
script? I thought about writing a line to a shared text file but have not
had much luck with that. This would affect about 100 computers. 







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