[gptalk] Re: DesktopStandard Reg extension tool no longer working???

  • From: "Michael Pietrzak" <mpietrzak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 16:09:45 -0800

Okay, never mind. I just created an account over at Desktopstandard,
(needed to access their forums, ugh) and was able to find the cause and
solution. Apparently the free tool is incompatible with IE7.
The fix is...
There is not a patch as of yet. 

You can however modify the name of the following registry key. (add a
dash to the end of it)

That will disable the part of policymaker that is causing the crash. 

The key is:

So simply add a dash or some other character will cause the app to work.
Thanks and sorry to spam your respective email systems.


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Does anyone else use this tool. I use to use it all the time and only
today did I go back to install it on my main work machine as I needed to
make some custom registry settings.
I am almost certain I have the latest version. The problem I am seeing
is when I go to reg extension area of my group policy in the GPMC, it
crashes the GPMC. I thought perhaps I had a corrupted install so I tried
it again. I also tried it in Vista and I get the same issue.
Did a recent update or something else perhaps break it?
Thanks if anyone has any ideas.

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