[gptalk] Re: Desktop Wallpaper Security Risk?

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At my organization we tackled this as an HR issue versus a security risk. 
Allowing open access to changing the wallpaper opens the management up to 
having to police the images someone puts on the desktop. What is acceptable to 
one is offensive to another. By setting a company standard and enforcing it 
universally, you can eliminate this potential. It can be a tough fight, but if 
you get proper management support, it should be accepted.

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As part of our secured desktops we use GPOs to lockdown the desktops and we 
prevent users from changing their desktop wallpaper. This helps to ensure a 
consistent look but the question often comes up “Is allowing users to change 
their desktop background actually a security risk?”  
Users want the ability to customize at least this part of their work 
environment. I’m just not sure what holes this might expose. Any thoughts?
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