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Use the delprof.exe utility from Microsoft. What's nice about it is you
can pass it a parameter so that it only deletes profiles that haven't
been used in the last X number of days. This is nice because users who
access that system on a regular basis don't constantly have to have
their profile recreated at login. You can even run it against remote
systems if you want to.

You would have to run it as a shutdown script though because it can't
delete a profile unless it has been unloaded from the registry (running
at logoff would not work). In addition, you have to have admin rights on
the local system for it to work. You might want to consider running it
as a scheduled task (as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM) once a week or so instead,
reason being that its effectiveness as a shutdown script would require
that the machine gets rebooted or shutdown on a regular basis.

Here are some usage examples:

Delete profiles that haven't been used in one week or more:

delprof.exe /Q /I /D:7

Delete ALL profiles every time the application runs:

Delprof.exe /Q /I /D:0

You can download it here:


Hope this helps.

Jamie Nelson

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I know there is a way to delete cached roaming profiles from a computer,
but is there a way to delete non roaming profiles from a computer upon
log off.  I noticed with my lab machines that over a period of time,
with all of the students logging on, the hard drive gets full.


I am not using roaming profiles.







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