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One thing I’ve noticed when this happens is replication of your DCs might not 
be working properly. And, if that’s the case, your GPO still has the original 
setting instead of your change. Run dcdiag /e on one of your DCs to make sure 
replication is working/functioning as it should.



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Hey Derek, Here goes a more detailed summary of steps i took:

1: management wanted me to set a default homepage
2: set it using IE Mainetnance\URLS\Default Home Page
3: MGNMT then said to remove that setting so people can configure and keep
what they please
4: i simply deleted that homepage entry and unchecked that option in the ie
5: users with IE keep having their default homepage changed even after they
manually set it. i.e. user opens IE with default of google.com. they manually
change page to msn.com and about 10 minutes later the default page is google.
com instead of msn.com. This is happening across the board sporadically.

i RSOP'd the machines that this is occurring on, including mine, and don't
see an entry for default homepage. none of the gpo's in my domain have the
default homepage option configured.

You can follow a post i started at thsi site, but the resolution corrected 
didn't work or maybe i didn't apply it correctly.


On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 9:27 AM, Odiorne, Derek <derek.odiorne@xxxxxxxxxx> 

How did you "get rid" of the setting?





Derek A. Odiorne




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This is driving me and everyone nuts!

I am running win2k3 standard at the highest functional level. I adjusted the
default domain policy ( User Conf\Windows Settings\Inet Exp Main\URLS) to set 
the default home page. Management, then informed
me to get ride of this setting, so i removed/uncheckec the URL setting it but 
now the default homepage
for most, if not all, clients keeps changing. If the client manually changes 
the webpage to their personal preference, it changes back!!

I'll manually set the homepage, after 30 minutes or even less, it will change
back to the computers default.

any ideas ? 

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