[gptalk] Re: Default Gpo overides everything?

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Not sure if I follow your question, but if the question is, are
administrators immune to policies, then the answer is no. You would have to
explicitly deny access to the GPO for Administrators if you want to have
them not be effected by policy settings.




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Hello everyone,


I have another troubling issue with my Gpo, I have set the "default Group
policy" to deny certain options (or enable them) 

which I think is fit for the whole company, my problem is that it seems my
administrator group who has another separate Gpo assigned 

To them is effected by this default gpo, mainly it's the default
Administrator account and not let's say John (who is also part of the
administrator group), for now I just re-enabled the policy I denied.


For my general knowledge without direct relation to the my question

Can I set the gpo priority or order in which it is applied?


Thank you,


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