[gptalk] Re: Default Domain Policy inaccessible

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  • Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 08:48:29 -0400

Thanks James (from the US but in Holland)   and Robert. 
So when I recreate the default domain policy how do I keep it from replicating 
to my workstations  while I work on it.  Is there a way to 'pause' or 
temporarily stop replication?  I will probably need to tweak some of the 
security settings, etc.  
Piet (From Holland, but in the US)


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Hello everyone,
I am new to this list!  My name is Piet (from Holland) but working at a small 
boarding school here in the US. 
I am having problems entering my default domain policy (I know, it is bad 
practice editing this policy!, I have learned the hard way )   Anyways.... I 
had been editing this policy with no problems and all of sudden I get the 
message that I don't have the right security privileges to enter this gpo 
anymore.   So I believe it is corrupt.  
I need to make changes to it and would like to recreate the default policy and 
then start with the good practice of creating separate gpo's and not touching 
the default gpo anymore. 
How can I best go by doing this?    
thanks in advance for any help I can get on this.

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