[gptalk] Re: Custom ADM policy for Terminal Services sessions only

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  • Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 07:15:42 +0000

Why not simply use a vb script mapping printers to a group with the option 
"case" instead of going all the trouble of making policies for this. 
use it has loginscript with the loopback policy on your terminal server.

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ADM policy for Terminal Services sessions onlyDate: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 09:10:09 

Hi Scott,
My first choice would be to use Group Policy Preferences (GPP) – ADMs are 
history J
You can use Item Level Targeting to make sure the printers are mapped to the 
users only on given computers.
To read more on GPP you could check out these articles:
I hope that helps out – good luck!
Best regards
Jakob H. Heidelberg
MVP:Enterprise Security

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gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: [gptalk] Custom ADM policy for Terminal Services 
sessions only

Hello All,

I have created a custom ADM file for mapping network printers for our Windows 
2003 terminal services.


1. I want the policy to only get applied to the terminal services sessions and 
not the workstations the end users is logging on to. It is currently doing both.

2. Is there a way to modify the KEYNAME using the GPMC instead of coding it in 
the ADM file for future need of printer change outs.

I have 4 different printers so I have 4 ADM files, I cannot use loopback 


Thanks for any input on this!



CLASS USERCATEGORY "Windows Components"CATEGORY "Terminal Services"CATEGORY 
"Custom Installed Printers"


KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows"


POLICY "PrinterName"


 #if version >= 4 SUPPORTED !!TS_SUPPORTED_Win2k3_Sp1 #endif


EXPLAIN !!PrinterDef   PART "Default Printer"   EDITTEXT   DEFAULT 
"\\Server\PrinterName,winspool,Ne11:"   VALUENAME "Device"   END PART


   KEYNAME "Printers\Connections\,,Server,PrinterName"   PART "Provider"   
EDITTEXT   DEFAULT "win32spl.dll"   VALUENAME "Provider"   END PART


   PART "Server"   EDITTEXT   DEFAULT "\\Server"   VALUENAME "Server"   END PART



[strings]User="User"TS_SUPPORTED_Win2k3_Sp1="At least Microsoft Windows Server 
2003 with SP1"PrinterDef="Definition
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