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I wouldn't think so. I will forward to MS and see what they say.


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Positive. There appears to be something different between a foreground
and background refresh in this case. Here's another test I just did:


1)      Computer Configuration set to apply "Always On" scheme (GPO has
lowest precedence)

2)      User configuration set to apply "Home/Office Desk" scheme

3)      User configuration set to apply "Portable/Laptop" scheme (GPO
has highest precedence and should win out regardless of
foreground/background refresh).

4)      Manually set scheme to "Max Battery"

5)      Reboot machine

6)      Logon as user affected by policies 2 & 3. Power scheme is set to
"Portable/Laptop" (as expected).

7)      Run gpupdate

8)      Power scheme is set to "Always On" from GPO in step 1.


So, it appears that the schemes I configured on the user side are being
totally ignored when GPP processes during a background refresh. Surely
this is not by design is it?




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Interesting Jamie-So the default GPP behavior is to refresh settings
during each foreground and background refresh. There is an option to
only refresh once. You're sure that that user power setting does not
have that option set?


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