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That's a good one. It sounds like whatever merging rules they are applying
to this are not respecting basic GP Settings merging rules. I believe GPP
settings are cached under All Users\AppData. Can you see the resulting XML
files in there for that user and if so, do they show both settings?



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Hi All,


Been messing with the Power Options in GPP and am running into a problem.
I've used the same settings (in PolicyMaker) to do basic power management
before but haven't run into this issue.


I have a GPO at the top of my hierarchy where I have configured both the
computer and user side of the GPO to set the active Power Scheme to "Always
On". Further down on a sub OU containing user objects, I have configured
just the USER side to set the scheme to "Presentation". Now here is the
weird part; immediately after logging on with a user account in the sub OU,
the Power Scheme is set to "Presentation" as I have desired it to. However,
when the background policy refresh occurs it is getting set back to "Always
On" for some reason.


When I do an GP Results Wizard query, the user side settings from both GPOs
are present with a message stating:


                "The following settings have applied to this object. Within
this category, settings nearest the top of the report are the prevailing
settings when resolving conflicts."


"Always On" is listed first but I don't understand where that priority is
being set since the "Presentation" scheme is being set in a GPO with higher


With the EZ GPO tool from the EPA, anything you configured on the computer
side only applied when no user was logged on to the machine. User side
policy only affected logged on users. Does this same concept apply to GPP?
If not, I guess I don't understand GPP Power Options as well as I thought I
did. J Someone care to explain the difference between configuring schemes on
the computer side vs. the user side? What kind of behavior is to be expected
when schemes are configured for both?




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