[gptalk] Re: Computer Policy Stuck on Machine? (corrected)

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Couple of things. First off, did you notice what the error message was in
RSOP? Software installation policies sometimes require a couple of reboots
before they get picked up. You should also see errors in the application
event log on the client that might tell why the install failed. 


In terms of RSOP still showing the GPO even though its gone, I suspect its
stuck in the client's history in the registry. Frankly, it should clear out
eventually so I wouldn't worry too much about it.


Though I'm curious about your last statement. You say you deleted the GPO
but it still has a part of it in SYSVOL? That's not good and indicates to me
that you have some replication issues with FRS that you should probably
solve before re-creating that GPO.




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Sorry I forgot to attach the files!

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Hi folks, I created a group policy to roll out the Office Compatibility Pack
for 2007 (O12Conv.MSI). 


I created a new OU to test, put my machine name in it, and created an
assigned software install for this MSI. 


The policy applied at startup but the software never installed. When I run
rsop.msc it shows what I think is a pending software assignment (please see
rsop.jpg). If I look at the advanced deployment options I get what is in the
"script info.jpg".


I have deleted the GPO and rebooted my machine several times and run
gpupdate /force, but I still get the same info in rsop.msc, also I had some
replication issues but those have been resolved. 


Is there an issue with the policy stuck on my machine and could you give me
some suggestions how to remove it (so I can re-create the GPO and test
installing the 012Conv.MSI)? Should I delete the policy folder
"{8062B822-1E92-48D7-B535-610092827A9A}" off of Sysvol?


Thanks so much for your help!



 - bob


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