[gptalk] Complete list of all available CSEs and their functionality

  • From: "Hendrikus Terwint \(SEDIRSI-Prestataire\)" <terwint.hendrikus.prestataire@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 15:39:28 +0200

Hello everybody,


Is there a way to determine which GP setting is processed by which CSE ?


I have found a list of default Client-Side Extensions on Technet:



However, I'd like to see a complete list, just like the "Group Policy Settings 
Reference" on windows.com/downloads, with a column that says which CSE is 
responsible for processing which setting.


For example: if we use the DFS.admx to change the DFS network policy. Is there 
a DFS CSE that processes this policy, or is it processed by one of the default 
CSEs? Does it require an extension at all? Maybe the CSE list on the link above 
is quite complete, and all other settings are processed by the Group Policy 
Engine itself?


Is there such list around somewhere? (that links every possible GP setting to 
the GP Engine or CSE component that processes this setting)


Many thanks in advance,


Hendrikus TERWINT

Consultant Avanade France

hendrikus.terwint@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:hendrikus.terwint@xxxxxxxxxxx> 


Prestataire pour le compte de SEDI-RSI, site de Bagnolet

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