[gptalk] Re: Clean Up Existing GP settings

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There is no list like you describe but if all you are talking about are admin. 
templates, then you should be fine. They should get removed from the DDP when 
they are moved and re-applied by the appropriate GPOs. The challenge will be if 
you have security settings, since those don’t get removed in most cases. That 
just means that if you are moving those settings to other GPOs, they will 
simply be re-applied. However, if you are removing settings, that might result 
in the previous settings simply being left behind.  Just something to be aware 



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I am attempting to root out a bunch of redundant - and in some cases not needed 
- GP settings for a client.


They broke rule number 1 by setting everything for multiple sites into the 
Default Domain Policy.  They also created separate OUs and redundant settings.


What I want to do now is start backing out the not needed, and moving the 
needed settings from the Default Domain Policy to specific GPs assigned to 
their specific PCs and or Users.


So is there a list of GP that I will run into issues with due to Registry 
changes or anything like that?  I would like to get it cleaned up then tackle 
the tricky settings one at a time to ensure they do not cause other issues.





Tim Bolton

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