[gptalk] Re: Best practice for software installation. Single or multiple GPOs

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Hi Darren,

Yes, I should have mentioned that all of the applications are setup in a
Computer Configuration software installation setting and are set to
Assigned. And I manage all the GPOs.

And yes, a few of the GPOs have authority so only a certain few computers
install that application while others are installed by all computers on the
network. So those with exceptions would need to be installed separately.



On 2/14/07, Darren Mar-Elia <darren@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


It somewhat depends upon two things—how you target those apps and how you
delegate administration of them.

If all machines are getting the same set of apps and you have centralized
administration of your GPOs ,then putting all the apps in a single GPO is
probably a good idea. However, if some machines or users get some apps and
not others, or you have OU administrators that need to deploy their own
apps, then breaking them up probably makes more sense.


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We use GP to install software. Office, Acrobat, Citrix, Lotus Notes, Virus

Software, Flash, Shockwave, Java and others.

Now would it be best to have all these in 1 GPO or have each package in
own GPO? Or would you maybe group the different kinds of software into
own GPOs?

I know every situation is different but I just want a rough idea of what
others do and what sort of works best.



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