[gptalk] Re: Bat File Not Executing.

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Just out of curiosity, if the computers are in their own OU, why are you using 
security filtering on top of that? Keep in mind that a computer won’t pick up 
its new group membership until a reboot, but since you’re doing that anyway, I 
suspect that is not the issue.


With respect to the software installation, have you disabled fast logon 
optimization on these machines? If not, then the SI package could take a couple 
of reboots to get picked up. If so, then I would check the application event 
log on the machine for a event of type “Application Management” as this will 
indicate whether there is some error with the processing of the package.


Can you post your VBScript code here and also let us know how you’re calling 
it? I think you said you were calling it from the parameters on a batch file? 




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Hi All -

So, i finally have been able to put this GPO into production and have something 
interesting, albeit furstrating.

I placed the the computers i want this GPO to run against within their own 
"Computers" OU. 

 I then created a security group and put all these computers within this 
security group

I then removed " Authenticated Users" from the security of the GPO and just put 
the above mentioned security group.

I found that the policy does run, as noted in the attached gpresult log ( 
delprof-test ) is the GPO in question, but the startup VBS script to delete 
profiles, does not run. I also assigned UPH clean but have noticed that didn't 
install either. These are the only two machine based settings applied on this 
GPO and neither of them are running, but the GPO is being executed on the 

any thoughts ? 

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As I said I haven't yet tried it (probably sometime next week).


As for your second paragraph - no need to block inheritance; this is exactly 
what loopback processing  in replace mode achieves.







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i was just about to post that, since i subscribe to the THIN list and came 
across that.

Since it's a VBS script, i understand when you add it to the startup of a GPO, 
there are "Script Parameters". I've never leveraged this because, truthfully, i 
really don't know what would be placed in here ? could someone provide some 
insight as to how to properly use that field ?

A&M - as far as loopback processing goes, that makes it much clearer, but i 
still need to re-read and implement to fully comprehend. I currently have a 
TS/Citrix environment and am trying to wrap my head around understanding 
applying user settings to the same user but different policies. I suppose if i 
block policy inheritance on the GPO that's assigned to the TS servers ou and 
configure machine and user based settings this will only apply to users who are 
logging into that server. 

On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 1:12 PM, Hutchinson, Alan 
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I haven't tried it yet but came across this from another freelist which may do 
what you want when you've sorted script execution :










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Hmm, yeah I can see how that is helpful from the teacher's perspective. If I 
were you I would definitely spend some time troubleshooting why the profiles 
are getting corrupted in the first place. That shouldn't be happening.


As far as your script not executing, I recommend starting it off with something 
basic just to make sure it is actually executing. A good example would be 
piping the contents of ipconfig out to a text file on the C: drive or something.


                ipconfig >%SYSTEMDRIVE%\ipconfig.txt


Then go back and verify the file is created after a reboot. That way you can be 
certain the script is actually running. If it is, but the profile is not 
getting deleted, you know you have some kind of logic error in the part of the 


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I'll be glad to elaborate.

This is a lab environment and we've implemented a combination of mandatory 
profiles and GPO to control User configuration settings. Periodically, the 
profile experiences problems and just doesn't load properly. I've ran traces to 
see if any network connectivity issues exist between the workstation and the 
server where the profile resides and , although i see some collisions, i don't 
expect that to be the sole root cause. Instead of delving more time and 
resources, we've found by blowing the profile the issues resolve themselves --- 
and as i mentioned, this doesn't happen too frequently, only periodically. Now, 
the lab machines aren't rebooted or turned off nightly, so the deleting of 
profiles on reboot is really a way for us or the teacher on site to delete the 
profiles "on-demand". I'm sure there are alternate ways to get this done, and 
i'm all ears.

So you're saying i can apply a GPO to an OU that just has computer accounts ?

"To clarify, loopback policy is used when you want user configuration policies 
to apply based on where the computer object resides instead of the user object. 
" That's still a litte fuzzy to me, could you provide an example that could 
help me further put this confusion function to rest for me ?


On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 5:27 PM, Nelson, Jamie <Jamie.Nelson@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Delprof.exe can't delete a specific user profile, you generally tell it the max 
number of days old a profile can be (from last use) and it will delete anything 
older than that. I still don't understand why you want to delete it on every 
reboot though. Maybe you can be kind enough to elaborate?


Actually, you were right the first time. For startup scripts to run they must 
be applied to OUs containing computer objects. You don't need loopback policy 
or security filtering for that. To clarify, loopback policy is used when you 
want user configuration policies to apply based on where the computer object 
resides instead of the user object.


Hope that helps. J


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Yes, the script is deleting the documents and setting folder. I agree this 
isn't very clean, but  I am having trouble in negotiating the delprof command 
line to delete the profile i want under my specific parameters. Specifically, i 
want the profile to be deleted upon every reboot, either during the shutdown 
or, preferably, during the startup of the machine. ?

Secondly, i believe my problem was i  was applying the GPO to an OU that just 
had the computer accounts. I realized this can't be done, i'd have to apply it 
to the OU containing the LAB user account ; since only the Computer Config is 
enabled, the script will execute on whatever machine that user logs into, 
correct ? That being said, what should the loopback processing setting be on 
this GPO, if there are no user configured settings on this GPO but others ?

Just to clear up any confusion, if i want machine specific settings only to 
apply to computer accounts, i need to:

*       Configure the Computer Configuration portion of the GPO. 
*       Create a Security Group and add the respective computer accounts to 
this group and add it to the permissions of the GPO with the "Apply" GPO 
permission ? 
*       Never apply GPO's to OU's that just have computer accounts 
*       Enable loopback processing on a computer oriented GPO if you have any 
USER Confiuration settings in that GPO, otherwise just leave it disabled or not 
configured ? 


On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 4:57 PM, Nelson, Jamie <Jamie.Nelson@xxxxxxx> wrote:

When you say "delete the profile" are you just trying to delete the profile 
folder under C:\Documents and Settings? That doesn't truly dump the profile, as 
there are still some registry keys that have to be cleaned up.


On that note, I don't think deleting the profiles on startup is a good 
practice, even if they are for what I assume are temporary lab user accounts. 
You're better off creating a scheduled task on the machine to run the 
delprof.exe utility (from the Server Resource Kit) which can delete all 
profiles that have not been used in a specified number of days. Just my opinion 
though. You may have valid reason for doing it that way so please don't take 
offense. J


As far as the script not executing is concerned, did you place it in the GPO's 
"machine\scripts\startup" folder in SYSVOL or somewhere else on your network?


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All -

I've added a bat file to the startup script inside of a GPO, the computer 
configuration part of the GPO. The script deletes any profile starting with 
lab* and is suppose to run when the computer is restarted so as to not run into 
any file locks by explorer. However, the folders are not being deleted and when 
i run a gpresult, the script indicates: " This script has not been executed"

any ideas ?


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