[gptalk] Re: Authenticated Users Filtered:Denied <Security>?

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Although "Authenticated Users" has apply permissions through security
filtering, you need to check and make sure you don't have any explicit
deny ACLs on the GPO.


In GPMC, select the GPO in question and click on the "Delegation" tab,
then click the "Advanced" button in the lower-right corner. Scroll
through the list of ACLs and make sure there are none where the "Read"
or "Apply Group Policy" permissions have been denied.



Jamie Nelson


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Hello All,

I have a problem with a group policy I created years ago.  Nothing in
the policy has changed but I have had calls from Users who are not
getting the settings.  When I do a gpresult I can see that the policy is
denied with security as the reason.  This GPO is filtered by
authenticated users, as are a lot of my other GPOs that are being
applied accurately.  It is a policy setting Office System 2003 settings.
Does anyone have any idea how I would troubleshoot this? I tried
enforcing the policy but it didn't change the gpresult.

My next step would be to add an AD group as a filter to see if the users
in the group get the policy applied.  Any help would be greatly

Thanks in advance.

Mary Collingwood

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