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I don't have a great answer for you here. It could be something that is
trying to run at least once and until it does, it causes issues, but what
that could be, I'm not sure. I have seen the Windows Update client process
to hang a workstation and this phase of GP processing so that is a
possibility worth investigating, but outside of that, it could also be some
hardware\network interface driver issue that manifests itself this way. 




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We have been battling a very frustrating problem where some (not all) of our
PCs in the corporate offices are experiencing a 120 second delay at the
"Applying Computer Settings." portion of the boot-up process.  This portion
of boot-up is prior to the user logging on, so it is not related to user
policies.  However, I do believe this is where the PC (Windows XP SP2) is
attempting to locate a DC and apply machine GPOs.

This problem is especially frustrating because we can take a troublesome PC
and reproduce the problem over and over.  However, various troubleshooting
techniques will seemingly fix the problem and then we can never reproduce it
on that PC.  For instance, if we set all 3rd party services to "disabled"
and reboot, the problem goes away.  Re-enable the services and the problem
does NOT come back.

Similarly, we've found that if we reorganize the "Network Provider Order" in
the advanced network configuration the problem will go away.  However, after
restoring the provider order to the original order, the problem does NOT
come back.

We've engaged Microsoft for help, but they seem stumped, as well.  So, I'm
reaching out to this forum to see if anyone has seen an issue like this or
may have any idea which may lead us toward a root cause.

Many thanks for any thoughts!

Ryan Doyle

Marathon Oil Corporation

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