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Darren thanks for the response, this GPO is to prevent users from
mapping drives. What I need to configure is to prevent any user that
logs on to a group of 5 machines [except 1 or two admins] from
right-clicknig on My Computer - Map Network Drive. Just 5 machines, not
the entrie Domain and I do NOT want to create a seperate OU for this.
Can this be done?


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So you have a GPO that contains some logon script and sets loopback? I
suspect the problem is that you've removed authenticated users, added
the computer accounts, which is fine, but no users can read the user
portion of the loopback GPO when they logon. You might try granting Read
and Apply GP to the "Domain Users" group. That allows users to  read the
GPO but not other computers. 



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I had another issue come up where I need to apply a User configuration
item [remove map network drive] to about 6 computers in my Domain. I
created the GPO, remove the Authenticated Users element from the
delegation - Advance tab, and added my machine names, and click Read and
apply for the permissions to each. I also included Loopback Processing
to Merge with this, I used merge and replace. I cannot get this policy
to apply. This needs to be set on 6 machines that are used by the public
and I do not want to do this locally as I would like to exclude
eventually some NT accounts from the policy so they can log on and do
some admin functionality that involves mapping drives.


Thank again in advance for the help.


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