[gptalk] Re: Another strange Folder Redirection action

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Another good PDF program that we use is Primo PDF. Also free, just have
to put up with a 10 second LOGO at startup.



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That's "normal" behavior for CutePDF. We have used CutePDF in our Citrix
environment for some time.

The free version has a limitation that does not allow you to save PDF's
to network shares, and since 

you're redirecting My Documents most likely to a share, ...


After having too many support calls about this, we switched to
PDFCreator from www.pdfforge.org

No limitations, more functionality, works great!


Met vriendelijke groeten, 

Frederic Allaert 


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Subject: [gptalk] Another strange Folder Redirection action


I have a user who has a program called Cute PDF writer, which allows her
to convert a word document into a PDF document.  The program installs a
"PDF" printer and allows a person to choose the CutePDF printer as a
printer option which will allow the user to give the file a .PDF


I have the desktop and my documents folders redirected to a network


When she chooses the Print to PDF option, and chooses any folder or
location in the redirected folders, the file does not appear.  However,
if she chooses say the root c drive, or ANY folder that is not being
redirected, the file shows up.




Even on the server, I don't see the file.  I presumed that maybe it was
saving the file, and just not synching up with the server.  I performed
a manual sync, and still no luck.


Any ideas.



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