[gptalk] Re: "Always use local ADM files..." setting oddness

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Hi tom, 
How is it going down under :-)
Normal behaviour since the editor just reads all the adm's it finds. In the 
sysvol it's only the assigned templates in the gpo, Locally it's all of them 
you have stocked. 
Best thing to do according to me is to 

        "Turn off automatic updates of ADM files"  this will thus not overwrite 
any sysvol adm templates with local versions. 
        "When group policy is selecting a DC it should use PRIMARY DOMAIN 
CONTROLLER"  this makes sure you always attach to your PDC role. 
        Disable ADM in NTFRS replication by setting a filter on the sysvol 
replication "*.adm" in the registry , this will exclude *.adm files from 
replicating. (you can find this also in a KB somewhere, lost the KB nr which it 
was :-( )

You have thus a system that only allows ADM on the PDC , to which you only 
connect to, your sysvol bloat is gone etc...
You now only need to maintain your local ADM files on your GPO administration 
workstation to make sure they are the latest versions, of course if you have 
multiple administrators you need to make sure they have the same ADM's. 
This way you will select adm for the PDC's sysvol , in a normal manner, and 
only see those that you've assigned. 
Oh yeah Don't change PDC roles , as you will have to re-assing all adm's again 
(or copy them over first) 

Vriendelijke groeten,
Kind Regards, 
Schillebeeks Bart
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Hi all


I'm attempting to implement the recommendations for managing ADM files as shown 
in the following KB article:




I've got a management workstation for managing GPOs (actually a VM running W2K3 
SP1) and have implemented the policy "Always use local ADM files for Group 
Policy editor".    All seems to be ok, but for the fact that GPEDIT now loads 
all of the ADM templates from %windir%\inf whenever I open a GPO for editing.  
As we have quite a number of custom and other ADMs this creates a very busy 
view.   The "Always use local ADM files for Group Policy editor" setting 
appears to make the Add/Remove Templates option redundant.


Is there any way to have the "Always use local ADM files for Group Policy 
editor" setting in place and selectively add in the ADMs that I want to use for 
each GPO?   Put another way, can I have my cake and eat it?









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