[gptalk] "Always use local ADM files..." setting oddness

  • From: "Tony Murray [HIQ]" <Tony.Murray@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 15:57:32 +1200

Hi all


I'm attempting to implement the recommendations for managing ADM files
as shown in the following KB article:




I've got a management workstation for managing GPOs (actually a VM
running W2K3 SP1) and have implemented the policy "Always use local ADM
files for Group Policy editor".    All seems to be ok, but for the fact
that GPEDIT now loads all of the ADM templates from %windir%\inf
whenever I open a GPO for editing.  As we have quite a number of custom
and other ADMs this creates a very busy view.   The "Always use local
ADM files for Group Policy editor" setting appears to make the
Add/Remove Templates option redundant.


Is there any way to have the "Always use local ADM files for Group
Policy editor" setting in place and selectively add in the ADMs that I
want to use for each GPO?   Put another way, can I have my cake and eat








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