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The 2 different areas don't necessarily play well together and also don't
work the way you'd like. My experience is that that Admin Templates approach
will completely override the IE Maintenance zones that you've added. Also,
unlike IE maintenance, the Admin. Templates, once set, will not allow the
user to add any additional site-to-zone assignments. So, depending upon your
requirements, I would stick with one approach throughout.





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I'm going to try and test this scenario in my lab but wanted to check to see
if anyone else has run into this.


In production we currently have a few trusted sites defined using:


*       User Configuration\Windows Settings\Internet Explorer
Maintenance\Security\Security Zones and Content Ratings


I want to add a few additional trusted sites.  What I was thinking was to
just add the new sites using


*       User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows
components\Internet Explorer\Internet Control Panel\Security Page\Site to
zone assignment list.


What I'm hoping is that the new trusted sites are added to the previously
defined trusted sites. 


What do you all think about that approach?  I was also thinking of importing
again via IE maintenance but just adding the new sites using site to zone
assignments seems easier.


We are not using GPPE yet.




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