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Would that it would be that simple! There are no scripting APIs available
out of the box to create GPSI packages. Its definitely not trivial, I can
tell you that. This is why my company created the GPExpert Scripting Toolkit
product, to provide a common interface into all GP settings. For the most
part, none of the policy areas are exposed in any easy way. You can
certainly get to some of them using C++ interfaces but from VBScript, its
not very accessible. Sorry for the bad news.






Darren Mar-Elia

CTO & Founder

SDM Software, Inc.


Finally, script Group Policy Settings with the NEW GPexpertT Scripting
Toolkit For PowerShell at http://www.sdmsoftware.com/products2.php!






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I'm writing a script (VBScript) to automate as much as possible of our
'preparation for deployment' process, mostly so we can impose standards and
stop packagers using ridiculous names for GPOs! 


So far, the script creates the group, sets up the GPO, links the GPO to the
relevant OU, removes 'Authenticated Users' from the permission list and adds
the group created in the first step. That all works.


Now, I need ti make it add the MSI to the GPO. Does anyone have any pointers
about this? I've looked at the GPMgmt.GPM object docs on MSDN but that
doesn't seem to have anything which looks like it might do the job. 


I imagine I'd need to use the GPO's GUID (which the script stores already)
somewhere but what do I do with it? Do I have to add every property that I
can see in ADSIEdit? Surely not? There must be an 'Add' method or something


I have the shell of a function which looks like this:


Function AddPackageToGPO(ByVal strDomain, ByVal strGUID, ByVal blnPerUser)
 Dim strTarget


 strTarget    = "CN=Packages,CN=Class Store""
 If blnPerUser Then
  strTarget   = strTarget & ",CN=User"
  strTarget   = strTarget & ",CN=Machine"
 End If
 strTarget    = strTarget & ",CN=" & strGUID & ",CN=Policies,CN=System," &


 AddPackageToGPO    = False


 AddPackageToGPO    = True


End Function



All I need is the rest! :) Can this even be done in script? I can't believe
it can't be...

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