[gptalk] Re: Access Denied on Roaming Profile Folder(s)

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  • Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 10:15:56 -0800

How are you trying to access the profile exactly? Is this for a user who is 
logged on as themselves and they get access denied on their own folders or are 
you trying to access a roaming profile on the server as an administrator? 
Because, by default, Administrators are not granted access to profiles.  And, 
I’m not sure but I believe that policy you set below only helps at profile 
creation time. 


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Hey Everyone,

I have a problem with roaming Profiles/Folders.

Every time i want to access the folders of each respective roaming profile but 
i keep getting an access denied.

The share permission is set to full control for everyone 

The NTFS permission of the folder is set to Read+Write for ALL users.

The NTFS permissions of the drive has everyone set to Read+Write .

Even when i've changed all permissions set to Full Control for Everyone, i 
still get this message. 

In the GPO where folder redirection is enabled and Roaming Profiles is i've 
enabled "Add Administrators Group to Romain Profiles"

i understand there is the dsacls command, but would know whether it would be 
pertinent to this issue and if so, what would the syntax be ? 



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