[gptalk] Re: ADMX custom base addition

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I checked out the reference given within the Windows.ADMX file which was
http://schemas.microsoft.com/GroupPolicy/2006/07/PolicyDefinitions  .. It
doesn't exist.


Alan Cuthbertson




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Hey Darren,


Alan and I, while looking into other issues, discovered why the Custom Base
feature doesn't work.  For Vista SP1 and Server 2008, MS updated some
part(s) of the ADMX schema and added at least one new tag (element?  Sorry,
I'm not a dev and not very versant with xml), <or> </or>.  MS didn't update
the Syntax Reference Guide
80a4-467245db9e28&DisplayLang=en or the public schema references.  Feel free
to use some of those MVP contacts to give them a kick in the pants.  Smile


Scott Klassen

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