[gptalk] Re: ADM template problems - applying policy shows still shows as Not Configured.

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Alan - You are a star - I can't believe how long I've been staring at
this - doh!!
Thanks again.


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Hi Alan,


Remove the leading slash on the registry key and it will work...





Alan Cuthbertson



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Subject: [gptalk] ADM template problems - applying policy shows still
shows as Not Configured.


New to list so apologies if this query has been posted before - I'm

still trawling the archives.


I've been writing ADM files on and off for a few years and this one has

got me stumped. I've been having some problems with the following ADM

snippet. I can add the template without errors. As this is an unmanaged

policy have unchecked the 'Only show policy settings that can be fully

managed' checkbox. The problem comes when I try to enable the policy and

apply - it always shows as Not Configured. Have got this in a .REG file

and it imports and works o.k. . Also works in a logon (KiX) script but

would prefer to apply by GPO. Have seen this behaviour before (and have

got this problem with a couple of other template I'm also trying to

write), but never got to the bottom of it.



POLICY !!MyComputerIcon




       EXPLAIN !!DisplayMyComputerIcon

       VALUENAME "{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}"






MyComputerIcon="Display My Computer Icon"

DisplayMyComputerIcon="Display the My Computer icon on the desktop.

Check to turn on. This policy is in conjunction with the Desktop\Remove

My Computer Icon Policy in the standard GPO System template."


Thanks in advance,






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