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This is my favorite. Actually, I think it's the only one on the





The ADM Template Editor makes editing of ADM templates a breeze. 

A wizard is available to lead you through the creation of Categories,
Policies and entries within policies. 

Each of the ADM objects (textboxes, checkboxes etc) are supported and
the use of the Explanation Tab makes it easy to document when the entry
was created and what it was used for. 

The ADM templates are checked for special error conditions that are not
shown under the Microsoftt MMC. It also provides a list of all registry
keys referenced. 

All for only $50 US. 

If you purchase a Domain wide licence, you are able to open all ADM
Templates for a given Policy. It checks for active entries in the policy
that are not included in the Template(s). It also highlights those
policies that are active and allows reporting of the Active Policies. 

(Supports ADM Files for NT4 and Novell)


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Does anyone have recommendations for GUI apps that write the .ADMs for
you? Preferably free, but don't mind paying for one either.

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