[gptalk] A potential problem to watch out for with Server 2008

  • From: "Scott Klassen" <klas9574@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2008 01:49:01 -0500

This isn't strictly to do with GP, but can affect it and a lot of other 
services, so I figured that I'd try to help other by sharing my pain.

Scenario:  Win 2003 Domain with two DC's.  One Win 2003 and the other a new Win 
2008, installed about a month ago.

Yesterday the 2008 box began getting tons of errors.  DCHP, DNS, replication, 
Group Policy, WINS, basically anything that involved the 2008 DC trying to 
communicate with the 2003 DC.  After wasting an entire day chasing generic or 
obtuse error messages, I spent a few hours removing services from the 2008 
machine, demoting it, removing it from the domain, rejoining the domain, 
re-promoting it, and adding services back.  Then the errors started coming back 
again.  Thankfully I hit paydirt on one of them.  Group Policy 1006.  This led 
me to 
 , which led to http://support.microsoft.com//kb/939820 and a hotfix.  The 
issue affects more than is listed in the article.  It also took weeks to 
manifest itself in my environment.  Just something to look out for if you are 
adding a 2008 DC to a domain with existing 2003 DCs.

Scott Klassen

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