[gptalk] Re: A marginal problem

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  • Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 11:14:28 +0700

I create a CNAME but not successful.



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How about a CNAME in DNS? Although Din, this doesn't really have anything to
do with Group Policy.





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Dear all, 

I have an application and it's data located on NAMESERVER. All Clients run
app client and access data on NAMESERVER. Now I want to remove NAMESERVER
out of my network. I move app data on NAMESERVER to FILESERVER and then all
app client can't access app data on FILESERVER. I can't adjust the path in
app client to point to FILESERVER. How can I configure a fake computer name
(NAMESERVER) on my network so that app client can access to FILESERVER via a
fake computer name - NAMESERVER. 

Please help me! 
Thanks in advance



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