[gptalk] Re: 802.1x and GPO

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As a follow on-Wired GP policy wasn't added until Vista, so you need at
least that platform to configure this through GP. You can configure wireless
802.1x but you have to do it on a Server 2003 box because XP doesn't come
with the bits (or you can view a FAQ entry I did on getting it to work in XP
here:  (http://www.gpoguy.com/FAQs.htm#General and then search on Wireless)






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Welcome to the gptalk. What OS are we talking here. 2000/2003 or even 2008


Subject: [gptalk] 802.1x and GPO
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I am new to using these lists, so bear with me if I newbie it up a bit.


I am trying to figure out if there is any way I can get GPO to control
802.1x Authentication behavior for wired networks. The options are clearly
there for wired networks in the GUI for Windows however I have found little
to no information on the GPO side of things. I have found that there should
be GPO controls for wireless networks, but I do not see them where they are
supposed to be found (under Computer Configuration > Windows Security). 


Any ideas?


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