[gptalk] Re: 2 Software Packages on a GPO

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  • Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 14:27:59 -0800


It is definitely possible to deploy multiple packages per GPO. The only
thing that is hard to do is create dependencies between two packages-but I
don't know if you need that.




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Not sure if this is correct, but is it possible to create both packages as a
single MSI?




On 1/18/07, Robert Mariani <rmariani@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

Dear all...

  Just a quick one that google was unable to answer for me.

Is a single GPO able to deploy 2 software packages or is 1 for 1?

Eg - Autodesk have a few software pagages that can be depoyed via gpo - say
Revit and AutoCAD - since we bought them as a suite they must be installed
together. - this is how i arrived at the 1 gpo 2 software distributions. 



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