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Welcome Craig! I'm pretty new to the list but there's a lot of really
smart people on it, I've learned a lot.


 John W. Cook

System Administrator

Partnership For Strong Families

315 SE 2nd Ave

Gainesville, Fl 32601

Office (352) 393-2741 x321

Cell     (352) 215-6944

Fax     (352) 393-2746



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Welcome to the list, Craig. On average I'd say it's probably in the
ballpark of 1 to 8 messages per day. Some days are really quiet.


Brian Cline, Business Systems Analyst
Department of Information Technology
G&P Trucking Company, Inc.
803.936.8595 Direct
803.739.1176 Fax


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Hi all

This is my first message to this group and just want to make sure that
the list do receive my mail and that i have properly subscribed to the
list. Can some of you just reply to confirm that you do get this mail
please and i know i am properly on the list and do get the messages.

PS: Approximately how many mails we one receive from the members on this
list per day. I know it is difficult to say exactly but a estimate
amount will do. Thanks everyone for your patience.

Craig Meyer 

"He had no servants - yet they called Him Master, no degrees - yet they
called Him Teacher, no medicine - yet they called Him Healer, no army
yet the Kings feared Him. He won no military battles yet He conquered
the world. he commited no crime yet they crucified Him. He was burried
in a tomb yet He lives 2day...."


Live Earth, The Concert for a Climate in Crisis, on the 7th of July 2007
Live Earth Concert <http://g.msn.com/8HMBENZA/2746??PS=47575>  

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