[gpsbug] White Shoal Overnighter

  • From: "Wandling, John" <jwandling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'gpsbug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <gpsbug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 13:27:45 -0400

I just got back from Cock Island Race (Don't ask how we did!), and remember
how much fun a point-to-point kind of race can be.  You can even be lucky.

Anyway,  a couple of guys have asked about our next race, and I have the
weekend of July 24-25 open.  So I'm wondering if any of you are interested
in racing somewhere on Saturday, staying over, and racing back on Sunday.

Norfolk inner harbor would be a good choice, most of us are quite familiar
with it, and it should be just a couple of hours sail from JRB.  We could
stay at Tidewater Yacht, which has nice facilities and a pool, and is within
range of lots of good restaurants and saloons - not to mention shopping.
Salt Ponds in Hampton might be another good destination, but that's kind of
out in the boondocks.

My idea is that our race format would be typical, but that we would start
just east of JRB (Near Leeward Marina), then end off of Hospital Point
(Where the Naval Hospital Is).  I'll pick some mark in Hampton Roads that
will make this a decent race of 10-12 miles, then we'll reverse the course
the next day.  This would be strictly fun racing....no entry fee, no prizes,
just your name and finish e-mailed.

Might be a good chance to combine some cruising with our racing and
socialize a bit.  Let me know if you would sign up to this.  If we get a
good count, I might be able to make a deal on slips at Tidewater.



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