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I don't have a lot of room for this kind of stuff.   But it is a cool idea.
How about this:


If you (or any other skipper) would like to have a website for your boat and
have some space (most ISP's provide you with some space), build your own
website and I will provide a link to it.  


Just let me know the URL.  


There are a number of inexpensive tools for building websites.  I use one
called netobject fusion.  They have a website  www.netobjects.com
<http://www.netobjects.com/> , and a trial version you can download.  It is
fairly straightforward and easy to use.  Good help also.  I think it costs
around 100 bucks.


When is Lady Jaq coming back, anyway?  I think she should be on the site if
she plans to play at all this year.


Thanks for keeping an eye on the med for us.







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Totally awesome website.  I will live vicariously through it.   


Do you have space to post photos from other WSSC boats that won't be Spring
players (like Lady Jacquelynne?) 


Also, campaign results, like a history section, might be fun to track the
winning dynasties and motivate the other boats that just come in short of
winning, placing or showing time and again (like Lady Jacquelynne!)  Don't
forget, Lady Jacquelynne came in third overall and first in the cruising
boat class in the Fall Series 2003 !!!!! (or was that Frostbite 2003, Rick,
help me out, I can't remember because I had a cracked rib!)


Thanks John, and keep plugging!





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Hi all.


I've spent a dreary winter morning updating the website.  Please check it

out at




I've posted the schedule for the upcoming season and made quite a few other



(1)  Adjusted handicaps (in some cases by a lot) to make things more

competitive and to have more boats racing in the same conditions by starting


(2)  Using the revised handicaps, I have posted the start times for the

Spring Series.  So you can see where you fit in.

(3)  Dropped boats that did not sign up to race last year.

(4)  Dropped Anam Cara and Alexis.  Anam Cara moved to Salt Ponds and Alexis

will be in for refit (Richard plans to race the Matilda).

(5)  Revised the photo section.  I wanted to have at least one photo of each

boat, but in some cases used a sistership.  If you have a better picture or

if we get one later, send it to me and I will switch.


NOTE:  See my comment regarding adjusting handicaps.  I will adjust between

series based on actual results....so please remember to email me with your

finish times.  We can fine-tune this system so that our racing is both fun

and competitive.


Send me your comments.  Use the Race Entry web form to sign up for the

Spring series.  If you have any friends who want to sign up, they should use

the Application web form.  The site will mail the results to me.







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