[gpsbug] Pagan River Challenge Race Instructions

  • From: "John" <j.wandling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <Gpsbug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 13 May 2012 14:48:48 -0400

Starting line:  Between drop mark and R"2" PA off of Blunt point.
Finish line:  Between the R"2" and G"3" at the entrance to the Pagan River.

Course "A" (To be sailed in winds over 8 knots).  Distance = 5.4 miles
From start, leaving R"2" to port, proceed to the G"1" approximately 1.3
miles WNW of James River Bridge Opening Span
Leave the G"1" to starboard
Proceed to finish leaving the Pagan River R"2" to starboard.

Course "B"(To be sailed in winds under 8 knots).   Distance = 2.8 miles
From start, leaving R"2" to port
Proced to finish leaving the Pagan River R"2" to starboard

Special Instructions:

Monitor VHF channel 72
There will be not committee boat on station.  Wind Rush II will establish
the time and decide if the long or short course is to be followed, or if the
race is to be abandoned.
All boats will start together and PHRF handicaps will be applied to
determine placements.
Wind Rush II will announce the following over VHF 72:

10:00 AM - Warning
10:01 AM - Preparatory Signal
10:04 AM - one-minute to start
10:05 AM - start

Boats will start and sail under the honor system.  No protests will be
allowed.  The first boat to finish will take the finish times of the boats
behind them.
Time limit 2 hours.  Boats not finished by 12:05 PM will be scored DNF
If, by 12:05 PM, no boats have finished, the race will be abandoned (this is
supposed to be for fun!)
If, on race day, sustained wind is above 25 knots, the race will be
abandoned (ditto)
The skipper of the first finished boat will email the start time, course
sailed, and finish times of all boats to j.wandling@xxxxxxxxxxx

I should be home Sunday evening and will score the race and post/email
results.   Awards will be given to the first three finishers.  

Have fun.  


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