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I am looking for crew.  If I find someone, I'll be out there.


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Subject: [gpsbug] NEW YEARS DAY RACE 2012

Merry Christmas to All!

As we bask in the Goodwill, Peace, & warmth of the season, let us take a few 
moments to comtemplate the New Years Day race! 

As we anticipate the inaugural race of the season & imminent new resolutions, 
it is well to remember the provident, even prescient, words of a well known 
local seer/gray beard. To paraphrase: what you do on New Years Day you will do 
oft throughout the year!  

The race's first gun will be at 1300 local (1:00 PM) & 1310 start by GPS. 
Monitor Channel 71.

It's  time to break the boats free of their bonds to terra firma & exercise the 
skippers & crews. (There's always room for more crew!)

Come out & celebrate the New Year & lengthening days.

See you out there!
Wind Rush II
Cell 377-7498

Caution: Handicaps may be adjusted (up or down?) based on conspicuous 
quantities of seasonal decorations!

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