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Oh My God!  John, those two boats in attachment 4 are Shields 30s.  BARBARA on 
the Left and MEDORA on the Right.  They belong to the Naval Postgraduate School 
in Monterey.  I campaigned on MEDORA for the entire year of 1983 (when I should 
have been working on my masters) and actually qualified and went to the Shields 
Nationals (placed 10th.)  The Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club has a Shields 
fleet.  You can see some of the club boats trashed on the other side of the 
marina.  Very depressing.  
Here's a photo of me with the MEDORA crew back when I had hair (and the abs of 
a 27 year old!) from "That Championship Season!"
Boat US ran a feature on this phenom in their Jan 04 issue that I also attached.
This made my day!!!  Not!!!
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Note the link from Ted.  I've seen this big boys lounging around in Monterey 
and they're not kidding.
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Please check out the below link and forward it to the sail and boating club 
members.  It made me realize that our bird problem was not so bad.

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