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Malaina and all, 

Below is the original message from Mike May when Sendero first announced the 
availability of the Holux M-1000.

I think if Jim were to chime in on the differences, between the Holux GPSlim236 
and the Holux M-1000, he might ssay that he might
not even think  about even going back as there is a significant difference 
between the two receivers. 

[gps-talkusers] Announcing Holux M1000

Sendero is constantly testing various GPS receivers. We have been using the 
Holux M1000 for several months and have now switched
from the 236 to the M1000.
We do not have the M1000 modified at all. You can purchase it on-line for 
around $50 plus shipping and tax if applicable.

We now ship the M1000 with new GPS packages. It of course comes with a custom 
case so you can easily put it on a shoulder strap.

It works fine at the pedestrian speeds, something we tested a lot.

Its major benefit is its battery life and greater sensitivity. It will acquire 
faster and pick up better among buildings or within
single story buildings.

It is almost exactly the same size as the 236. It has a slide switch for power 
and uses the same charger and battery as the 236. The
battery life seems
to be about double that of the 236.

I am currently in New York to be on Good Morning America live Tuesday morning. 
This is a pretty good test bed for this new receiver.

I believe the Sendero price is $99 for Sendero users. Sheila will know for 
sure. I like it a lot.

Michael G. May

CEO Sendero Group

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?I was wondering what people thought about hte holox m1000?   I 
still have the 236 and it works good just wondered what the 
differences are between the two.


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