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Perhaps, instead of charging out the nose for a new gps receiver, Sendero 
should make an option that allows people to download the firmware if they 
already have or are buying the holux. This way, not only is a receiver bought,  
but money could also be made from the firmware. 
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  Hi Ken and All,

  I have to disagree with Ken on this. I use a Bluelogger and have used it 
including all of the testing before it was decided to add it to the Sendero 
line. I haven't had any problems with it shutting off prematurely. I press the 
power button and count to three seconds and it's always on. I press the button 
for three seconds to turn it off while the GPS program is running and I will 
always hear that the receiver isn't detected and then I shut down the GPS 
program. I agree that the Holux is a nice receiver but it wasn't available when 
the Bluelogger was introduced. 

  Again, WAAS won't be enabled on receivers purchased from other outlets. WAAS 
can be enabled from a PC if a special $29.00 Holux USB cable is purchased but 
when the receiver is turned off it will go back to it's default state with WAAS 
turned off. I purchased the cable and have tested this. Mike has worked out a 
firmware upgrade to the receivers that Sendero sells. To my knowledge this 
isn't available anywhere else. 

  There will always be newer receivers available but I know that Sendero has 
always selected it's receivers with a lot of pre testing. Since the 
manufacturers are all developing receivers for the sighted community there may 
always be issues with the visual aspects of the receivers. 


  At 02:22 PM 4/4/2006, you wrote:

    Robert, thanks for the heads up  on the Holux.  I went on line and picked 
one up for $112.00, which included a travel package.  I seen them listed as low 
as $75.00 on EBAY but I haven't been successful negotiating that web site.  I 
appreciate the offer to keep in touch with you regarding the GPS system.  There 
is nobody around here, that I know of, that uses the system. Feel free to bug 
me at any time.  How is your experience with the Holux now that you have had a 
few days to try it out?  I never could figure out why Sendero supported the 
Bluelogger, due to the difficulty in knowing whether or not it was on.  I have 
had difficulty with it from the start.  My son in law and a blind computer 
technician who lives in Ashland have had the same difficulty with it.  It 
wasn't a matter of holding the button dow for thre seconds.  The dam thing 
would shut down before we could get started.  I hope the Holux solves this 
problem.  Anyone interested in buy a Bluelogger?  I think Sendero should 
exchange them for the Holux, especially for those of us who had difficulty with 
them from the start.
    Later,   Ken Gerlitz

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      Hello Ken,
      You can purchase the Holux through the Sendero website, or you can call 
Sheila at Sendero and purchase it through her directly.
      the number is 888-757-6810 ext.  102.
      I have the blue logger, but at the csun conference, I saw the Holux, and 
spoke with Mike and Carl and was told that it would do better on buses so I 
purchased it.
      I just received it Friday, so tomorrow will be the first test, but I have 
a friend who has it, and she is very happy.  She used it on the light rail 
yesterday, and it gave her 9 satellites.
      I think you will be happier with the Holux, because it has the switch for 
turning on where the blue logger does not.
      If you have further questions, you can e-mail me off list, I have been 
using gps for almost 4 years, and I can do my best to help you.

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        Hi, I have the Bluelogger bluetooth device and I'm not very happy
      with its

        performance.  Where do you purchase the Holux?  Do you have to do

        special to get the GPS to recognize the device?  Will appreciate
      any info.

        you can provide to me regarding this receiver.
        Ken Gerlitz

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        Subject: [gps-talkusers] I'm giddy over the Holux:

          Hi folks!
          I have just come back from an exploration of my area and took
      the Holux

          slim gp236 I purchased while at csun last week.
          I have to report that not only did I receive a signal much more

          but the very minimum of satellites I had while tracking was 9.
          I can remember when we were thrilled with the old Atlas Speaks
      gps if we

          had 6 satellites, good, bad or indifferent.
          It is just so nice to simply turn the receiver on and go.
          Mary Ellen Earls

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